JCDecaux has launched its first National Drive screens in Bristol, making the network present in ten major cities.

JCDecaux has launched two National Drive screens in the vibrant city of Bristol. It’s the largest city in the south west of England with a population of over 463,000* and is known for its culture, heritage and thriving art scene.

Two brand-new screens are visible to traffic travelling in and out of the city centre on Bath Road, one of Bristol’s main arterial routes.

Aside from reaching new, diverse audiences in Bristol, the National Drive network has been expanding in multiple cities over recent months, including developments in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield. The network now consists of 38 screens in ten major cities also including Brighton, Edinburgh and Southampton.

Forming part of JCDecaux’s wider digital channel in Bristol, these new screens complement the existing digital street furniture network in the heart of Bristol’s shopping area. In addition, brands will be able to reach affluent commuters at Bristol Temple Meads station, where premium opportunities include 70” market leading digital 6-sheets positioned in line of sight along the main station walkway. The Network Rail managed station sees a weekly footfall of 252,000**.

The new National Drive additions reaffirm our commitment to delivering brand reach and fame on a national scale.

Source: *Bristol.gov.uk **Route

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