We push the boundaries of innovation through an ambitious research and development policy, anticipating the needs of everyday users in all our environments, and developing products designed to make their lives easier.


Innovation enables us to anticipate constantly changing needs, to provide services to the public, to enhance the passenger experience and to contribute to the evolution of the smart city.  Accessibility and connectivity are key, and we hold environmental considerations at the heart of our activities. Our in-house Research and Development division, based in France, works on around 400 projects per year.

Our innovations are based on four criteria: quality, style, functionality and environmental performance, which means adhering to eco-friendly design. Strength, durability, low energy consumption, air pollution monitoring and the use of recyclable materials.  We offer an array of smart city opportunities and can tailor a business model based on specific requirements.

Living green walls

As part of our commitment to sustainability and inspiring cityscapes, we worked with Wandsworth Council to install a living green wall adjacent to a large format digital screen at East Hill. The living green wall works to reduce street-level concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM). Research has shown that the planting of vegetation in street canyons can reduce street-level concentrations by as much as 40% for NO2 and 60% for PM (Source: Biotecture 2017)


Design is in our DNA. Our advertising products work for brands and partners alike. Beautiful yet practical; stand-out, yet in keeping with the surrounding area; enhancing the visual amenity of their locations and environmentally responsible. A balancing act in which we’re expert.

All our products are designed and built to meet the needs of our partners, our brands and the millions of people who interact with them daily.  Since 1982, we have worked closely with over 50 world-renowned designers and architects to produce collections of street furniture and advertising products that enhance cityscapes and strengthen the future of our cities. 

Our success within the Out-of-Home advertising market is based on an ambitious research and development policy and a unique capacity for innovation. We have been awarded several prestigious awards for our design excellence, and the integration of sustainable development within it, including the Good Design award and the Green Good Design award.

Partnering with experts


Enhancing the cityscape: The Kensington

This has been a unique collaboration with JCDecaux to develop new possibilities for media platforms; transforming the billboard into public art. Both a civic gesture and a promotional medium, the intertwined, looped ribbon design expresses the dynamism of pedestrian and vehicle traffic movements that intersect at this important London junction. The stainless steel ribbon twists as it encircles the screen, defining a varying silhouette when seen from different viewpoints.  Melodie Leung, Senior Associate at Zaha Hadid Design


With a team of experts well versed in every aspect of the planning process, we provide an end-to-end planning service. We make it as straightforward as possible to bring a product from concept to reality, whether it's a new advertising site, additional technology or fresh innovation.


Planning in partnership: defining the project

We work in consultation with our partners on planning, taking a project from initial vision to delivery, carefully integrating safety considerations, innovation and technology. We have significant experience within the most complex and sensitive heritage environments. We take full ownership of the process and leverage our expertise for seamless project delivery. 

We carefully look at the local area to ensure that the structures we propose will integrate with and enhance the visual amenity. Plans are drawn up in a joint, consultative project, carefully detailed so our partners understand from every angle what we propose, and can visualise it in-situ, showing how it will deliver what was promised, including optimum revenue.  

Transport for London

JCDecaux UK was awarded the Transport for London (TfL) advertising concession in 2015 and we have partnered with them in enhancing the aesthetics of the TfL bus shelter network. The mobilisation has included the complete digital transformation of London Oxford Street. Digital screens are synchronised at line of sight across premium bus shelters all the way along the world-famous shopping street. 

JCDecaux’s new digital screens provide tailored, dynamic advertising and will brighten the journeys of our passing customers and other road users. Graeme Craig, TfL Commercial Development Director


Trafford's bespoke portfolio

The centrepiece of Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council’s unique large format roadside portfolio is the Trafford Arch, a spectacular, purpose built structure soaring across six lanes of traffic on one of Manchester's busiest arterial routes.


To deliver this UK first, and the other sites in the portfolio, we built strong relationships with the Council's commercial, planning and highways team. We listened to their priorities to identify what was truly important - not just revenue, but unique designs to create a branding for Trafford, differentiating them from neighbouring boroughs. We showed the Council how our investment in quality throughout the whole contract life - covering design, engineering, the construction process, digital display screen technology and our ongoing maintenance programme - guaranteed best-in-class products for the duration.