JCDecaux has launched its first National Drive screen in Cardiff, making the network present in nine major cities.

JCDecaux has launched its first National Drive screen in Cardiff. The capital of Wales has a population of 1.5million and is known for it’s connected business community, excellent transport links, world-class sports venues, rich cultural heritage and vibrancy.

The brand-new screen is visible to traffic travelling on Newport Road, one of the city’s busiest roads. Aside from reaching new audiences in Cardiff, the National Drive network has been expanding in multiple cities over recent months, including developments in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield. The network now consists of 39 screens in nine major cities also including, Brighton, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Southampton. All National Drive locations are on key arterial routes with screens 20% larger than the market average at 20m².

Developing National Drive in Cardiff will complement the existing digital street furniture network in Cardiff city centre and mall network at St David’s, one of the city’s main shopping destinations. The new addition reaffirms our commitment to delivering brand reach and fame on a national level via premium digital assets.

source: investincardiff.com

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