25+ destinationspresent in top malls UK-wide
55%digital market share
+48%more audience per screen vs. rest of industry average


As the market leader in mall digital Out-of-Home advertising, we provide brands with an opportunity to influence consumers within the mall experience, which includes shopping, dining and leisure.


In recent years, customer expectations of shopping malls have changed. As well as their ongoing role as a place to gain inspiration for purchases, malls have become destinations which offer the engaging experiences that today’s consumers crave, blurring the lines between retail, hospitality and entertainment.

Westfield London
  Today, dining, leisure and entertainment have become the new anchor and experience is king. Keith Mabbett Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Victoria Centre, Nottingham


The mall audience are a mix of the young, affluent and media-savvy.


These audiences in particular are becoming ever more mobile and spending increasingly more time outdoors. They are spending much more time in urban areas, whether they live, work or socialise there.


+85% more likely to be 18-34*
+199% more likely to be an early adopter of tech*


Our malls deliver national, stand-out locations that drive engagement.


We currently have a presence in 50% of the UK's top 20 shopping malls and in seven of the top 10 (Trevor Wood Associates 2023 ranking) including Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and Bluewater.


600+ digital frames nationwide

Product formats

We have developed premium digital propositions at some of the UK's busiest shopping centres, targeting affluent consumers in key cities. 



M-Vision screens are positioned for maximum impact in high-footfall areas in proximity to premium anchor stores. These large format LED screens are designed to make it easy for brands to transfer their digital 6-sheet copy to the huge, portrait digital canvas.


Digital 6-sheets

Screens located in highly visible walkway locations, enhancing the mall experience and providing engagement with visitors. Our digital 6-sheets are in close proximity to store, targeting audiences who are in the mindset to spend. 


TescoUK market leader
Waitrose & PartnersProperty value boost if within walking distance of the upmarket supermarket chain***

Tesco is the UK's largest supermarket group,  accounting for over £50bn in annual sales.  


Waitrose & Partners is synonymous with quality, attracting an upmarket audience to its strategically-placed stores. 

Tesco, Oxford
Tesco, Romford

Tesco audience

Being the largest UK supermarket group, Tesco attracts an audience covering all ages and social grades. 


Channel Tesco is an essential FMCG opportunity to influence consumers at store entry, before they enter the busy supermarket environment. 

+23% more likely to have children in the household*
+15% more likely to be saving for a property*

Waitrose audience

Channel Waitrose delivers a premium retail audience, with the highest AB profile in the UK grocery market.


As well as providing proximity to FMCG purchasing, Channel Waitrose is a powerful platform for advertisers to influence brand decisions across a range of lifestyle categories, such as motors, travel and finance. 

43% AB*
+73% more likely to have £75k - £100K in savings*
Waitrose, Godalming
Waitrose, Milton Keynes


Channel Tesco and Channel Waitrose deliver proven sales uplift.


A vital opportunity for advertisers to engage with shoppers, facilitating brand-building and activation as well as delivering content that is relevant and timely.

500 Tesco stores
100 Waitrose stores

Located in proximity to store entrances, the 75’’ high-definition, digital 6-sheet screens provide maximum visibility and flexibility for brands and engaging, up-to-the-minute content for shoppers.


Source: *YouGov Profiles 2023; **Route,  ***Lloyds Bank