BusiestUK rail stations
91%digital market share
18 minutesaverage station dwell time*


We are the leader in digital Out-of-Home at rail stations across the UK, owning 91% of the market. We are present in the UK's busiest travel hubs, perfectly placed for advertisers to connect with this affluent, time-pressed audience.


Travel, dining and retail hubs

Rail has become an increasingly popular mode of transport, with passenger numbers doubling over the past ten years. 


In recent years we've seen the biggest investment in rail since the Victoria era.  As a result, UK rail stations have become public powerhouses, delivering multi-purpose destinations, which encompass shopping, dining and leisure facilities.


30% eat/drink something in the station*
London St Pancras
Our strategy is to create stations that are destinations in their own right, providing great places for people to meet, eat, shop and travel. Hamish Kiernan Director of Retail, Network Rail


Affluent and upmarket, the rail commuter audience is highly desirable for advertisers.


However,  people use the train for a variety of reasons aside from just commuting to their place of work,  with 43% travelling to restaurants/bars and 52% travelling to go shopping.

Station dwell time is increasing, which provides unique opportunities for deeper engagement with this audience.

82% say Rail connects them to all the essential areas of the city
70% commute to work via rail
Digital 6-sheet, Wimbledon station

Product formats

We’re continually investing in our leading rail media portfolio, with state-of-the-art digital technology in the UK’s busiest stations and terminals.


Our media is best-in-class, offers full motion capabilities and includes Motion @ Waterloo, the largest indoor digital advertising screen in the UK. Our portfolio delivers a combination of dynamic digital, classic Out-of-Home brand building and experiential opportunities, providing unbeatable scale and reach UK wide.




Perfect placement for ultimate engagement.  The flexibility, technical capabilities and creative scope of these premium screens ensure audiences experience Out-of-Home’s most innovative, involving and memorable campaigns.



Our Transvision channel covers the busiest rail hubs nationwide, with screens targeting passengers on the main concourse.  The network offers a wide range of dynamic, flexible, creative possibilities, including real-time event or environment-based updates, immediate consumer interactivity via mobile devices, social media feeds or simply spectacular full motion display.

Digital 6-sheets


Our rail channel spans the length and breadth of the UK, including over 950 digital 6-sheets across over 200 high-footfall stations.  

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