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Right time, right place Airport DOOH bolstering brand consideration

Two-point increase in brand consideration
Sales uplift across peak January period

As the world opened up post-Covid, Virgin Atlantic Airways ran an inspirational multi-channel campaign across Heathrow, designed to bring the brand top of mind for departing and returning travellers, increasing brand awareness and consideration and driving sales during the key post-Christmas winter sale period.

Running as a strong part of a multi-media campaign strategy, perfectly complementing wider plans, Airport channels enabled Virgin Atlantic Airways to leverage the power of context to be strategically relevant with the messaging, serving relevant content at relevant times and places to truly resonate with potential customers. DOOH's flexibility meant the campaign could include dynamic pricing, keeping the sale offer as compelling and relevant as possible.

The Airport DOOH component of our campaign delivered the strong share of voice we were seeking within the Airport environment. It contributed to a two-point increase in brand consideration and an uplift in sales across the peak January period.

Simon Brady

Global Media Strategy Lead, Virgin Atlantic Airways

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Featured case study

OOH creating intrigue to encourage engagement and action

Prestige Flowers' unique campaign solely featured a QR code on the posters, making the most of OOH's ability to attract attention and build intrigue , reaching and inspiring the target audience of young, digitally-savvy shoppers, at scale. The bold creative choice forged a direct link from real-world posters to the online-first brand, driving interaction and engagement from a new consumer audience, with the campaign poster QR code scanned almost 8000 times.

Creating intrigue has been on our radar, and this Out-of-Home opportunity was the perfect fit. We wanted to tap into the young, savvy and digitally-connected urban shopper, and results show that our campaign really drove this audience to interact. The QR code was scanned almost 8000 times, bringing a significant, intrigued and engaged new audience directly to Prestige Flowers by creating an easy way to reward curiosity by bridging the divide between the real-world message and the online-first brand.

Rebecca Poole

Advertising Manager, Prestige Flowers

8000 QR code scans
Reached new audience at scale