We are going from looking down to looking up as the nation gets back to doing what we have missed. Outdoor is known as the big reach medium and as we emerge from lockdown, our joint study with Clear Channel shows that audience reach is already at 92%  of pre-pandemic levels.

Our  collaborative study with Clear Channel shows that audience reach is already at 92% and digital impressions at 74% of pre-pandemic levels for Roadside Out-of-Home as lockdown restrictions have relaxed and people are able to enjoy being out and about once again. Click here to see and download this data on our Intelligence hub.

Out-of-Home Roadside reach is ahead of predictions

As we enter the ‘New Different’ phase of the Out-of-Home bounce-back, Out-of-Home reach for Roadside is recovering slightly faster than predicted, as overall predictions remain on track.

Out-of-Home reach forecasts

By June 21st, we predict Roadside Out-of-Home audiences will be at 100%, followed by malls at 90% and Rail at 60% of pre-pandemic levels - as people return to shopping, socialising and working in city centres.

Attitudes have changed from living at work to working to live, but at the same time, people have missed seeing colleagues in person, zoom fatigue has set in and above all people have missed the buzz of city-centre life - meeting in person, going out with friends and colleagues - all aspects illustrated in recent Out-of-Home ad campaigns from Uber, Bumble among others. Out-of-Home has been a key part of people’s lives during the lockdown, via community and health messaging and now as we emerge from lockdown, Out-of-Home will continue to play an important role helping businesses thrive and driving business outcomes for our customers. Dallas Wiles Co-CEO, JCDecaux UK

Click here to see and download this insight about reach and our audience forecasts on our Intelligence hub.

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