Latest audience data

We have developed a Mobile Audience Tracker to help understand the movements of 2 million GDPR compliant smartphone users around the UK. By geofencing all of JCDecaux’s Out-of-Home assets, we receive ‘location pings’ to understand the number of impressions delivered every two weeks and measure audience retention vs Q1 2020. 

Audience forecasts

Since March 2020 we have adapted and developed brand new ways of understanding our audiences, tracking mobility and sentiment. This valuable data set we have accrued has put us in a really strong position to be able to understand theses new behaviours and accurately forecast mobility, even around changes to restrictions.

Out-of-Home reach is recovering fast

Outdoor is known as the big reach medium and as we move through the phases of lockdown relaxation, the latest data from our joint study with Clear Channel shows that digital impressions are at 78% and audience reach is now higher (104%) than pre-pandemic for roadside Out-of-Home, as people are able to enjoy being out and about once again.

As we enter the ‘New Different’ phase of the Out-of-Home bounce-back, Out-of-Home reach for roadside is recovering faster than predicted, with our latest data for 17th May being +4%pts on predictions.  By June 21st, we predict roadside Out-of-Home audiences will be at 100%+, followed by malls at 90% and rail at 60% of pre-pandemic levels - as people return to shopping, socialising and working in city centres.