My Connections

We use My Connections to create bespoke, online, ad-hoc surveys, which we use to gather data on client-led topics to discover consumer opinions or test effects of creatives.

YouGov Profiles

We use YouGov's comprehensive audience analysis and media planning tool, utilising data gathered from online surveys, to investigate consumer behaviours and attitudes geographically. Varies per metric, up to 300,000.

Location Sciences

We use this accurate location data to track audience movements through GPS-tracking with POI geo-fencing. We also use it to strategically profile channels and calculate impressions for location specific audiences.


Route is the Out-of-Home audience measurement tool. It uses a combination of GPS, eye-tracking, surveys, traffic flows and Out-of-Home coordinates to  identify how many people see each Out-of-Home site, and how often, for campaign measurement.


We use Experian to identify the distribution of retailer activity to help us better understand the location of retailers for campaign planning.


Dunnhumby is the automatic optimisation of Channel Tesco playout, through the use of sales data from ClubCard members across 50 categories. We use this data to automatically optimise Channel Tesco playout and plan the best time periods for activation.