DOOH inspiring people to make community connections, for now and for the future 

As part of the company’s ‘Sparking Conversation’ initiative, JCDecaux UK is working with the Connection Coalition to help inspire people to make community connections now and in the future.

Connection Coalition messaging, developed by FCB Inferno, will be running on JCDecaux DOOH channels in the heart of communities across the country.

Hosted by the Jo Cox Foundation, The Connection Coalition is a group of 500 organisations working together to ensure that the physical separation and distancing required during the Covid-19 pandemic does not lead to a crisis of disconnection, enforced social isolation and loneliness. The Coalition focuses on sharing ways people have been coming together to do little things with a massive impact throughout the coronavirus crisis so far, making it as easy as possible for others to follow their lead.

Over the past few months, millions of people across the UK have shown it’s possible to stay connected and support one another whilst keeping a safe distance. The 500 organisations of the Connection Coalition have been inspired by all the creative ways people across the UK have reached out to support one another by collecting shopping, dropping off prescriptions or just by picking up the phone for a chat or having a distanced cuppa. We are excited to be working with JCDecaux to share just a few of the stories of people who have pulled together and helped each other out. We hope that these stories will inspire people to make helping out and staying connected in their communities the ‘new normal'. Kim Leadbetter Ambassador for the Jo Cox Foundation and Jo Cox’s sister
Through our Sparking Conversation initiative we’re proud to support organisations such as the Connection Coalition. The Connection Coalition shares our commitment to destigmatise loneliness and support people to make more meaningful community connections. At JCDecaux we work at the heart of communities, and we believe that sparking conversation is a key pillar of this role as a local medium. Lockdown may be lifting, but raising awareness and signposting loneliness resources continues to be hugely important. Dallas Wiles Co-CEO, JCDecaux UK


 JCDecaux’s membership of the Connection Coalition is part of the company’s Sparking Conversation initiative. The Sparking Conversation vision is to destigmatise loneliness by helping our team, our partners and those living in the communities we serve make meaningful connections. The business chose loneliness as a cause to support and to champion, as it is a universal experience that can affect us all, at different life stages and at any time. To learn more about Sparking Conversation, visit our resource hub.

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