At the moment, it's more important than ever to highlight available loneliness support services. JCDecaux is working with the British Red Cross and the Campaign to End Loneliness to communicate these messages widely during Loneliness Awareness Week

JCDecaux is working with the British Red Cross and the Campaign to End Loneliness to run country-wide 6-sheet campaigns for Loneliness Awareness Week from 15th June.

The campaigns, which signpost people to the charities’ loneliness support programmes, are even more important than ever during these current challenging times.

June 15th is also the day that classic paper out-of-home media returns to England’s town centres and major roads as lockdown gradually eases, providing the charities with a widespread communication channel.

We’re all feeling a bit more isolated since the pandemic but for some people, the challenges of overcoming that loneliness are greater and they need more support. Now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, it’s important no-one is left behind; we hope people will see these adverts in towns and cities around the UK and find out more about the ways in which the British Red Cross can help. Now more than ever it’s important we stay connected and reach out to the most vulnerable people in society. Zoë Abrams Executive Director, British Red Cross


This campaign is a great opportunity for our messages about simple ways to combat loneliness to reach a wider audience, as people gradually start to leave their homes more. We want to help people realise that, even while we are still physically apart, there are other ways to keep in touch with loved ones, and within communities, and guide them towards these options. The posters within community locations, where people are starting to spend a bit more time, will play that role. Kate Shurety Executive Director, Campaign to End Loneliness

JCDecaux supports Loneliness Awareness Week as part of the company’s Sparking Conversation initiative. Launched in 2018, the Sparking Conversation vision is to destigmatise loneliness by helping our team, our partners and those living in the communities we serve make meaningful connections. The business chose this as a cause to support and to champion, as loneliness is a universal experience that can affect us all, at different life stages and at any time.

We are proud to support these messages for Loneliness Awareness Week, that no-one is alone, even when they feel that way, and that support is out there for them. JCDecaux works within communities and believes that sparking conversations is a key pillar of being a local medium. Now, more than ever, during this Covid period, raising awareness is hugely important. Dallas Wiles Co-CEO, JCDecaux UK

 JCDecaux is running its own awareness-raising messages during Loneliness Awareness Week, and is a partner with the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on the #letstalkloneliness initiative


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