Supportive messaging at the heart of communities through Digital Out-of-Home

JCDecaux is working with YoungMinds, the UK’s leading mental health charity for young people, to reach the greatest possible number of children and young people across England with supportive messages as they return to schools and colleges on 8th March.

The positive, hopeful and reassuring content will be broadcast on JCDecaux digital screens at the heart of communities, reaching young people on the landmark day. It includes messages from YoungMinds’ Instagram community that they would like to say to returning students on their first day back.

The campaign aims to show young people they are not alone, that feelings of anxiety and fear are natural, and that support resources are available to them to help whenever they need it.

The return to face-to-face education on March 8th is something children and young people might be both looking forward to and very anxious about. We want it to be clear that whatever they feel right now is valid, and by doing so, hopefully make it easier for young people to talk to someone they trust about how they are feeling . We are delighted to be working with JCDecaux UK to use their Digital Out-of-Home channels and hope that the campaign will help young people on the day itself, and also encourage those who need further information and advice about their mental health to visit our website. Tom Madders Director of Communications & Campaigns, YoungMinds


This is a perfect example of how the Two-Screen Future of Digital Out-of-Home working in partnership with online channels can create a truly powerful campaign that will make a real difference to a target audience, in this case, children and young people as they return to school and college. We are really pleased to be supporting YoungMinds, using our DOOH channels for their messages designed to help and reassure on what will be a momentous day, with plenty of mixed emotions, country-wide. Mark Bucknell Chief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux UK


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