How do you build brand fame for a product that is often considered taboo? Thanks to a partnership between JCDecaux UK’s Reach programme and WUKA, the sustainable period pants brand is getting their message out to London audiences via Out-of-Home.

WUKA, a sustainable period pants brand, is getting their message out to London audiences via Out-of-Home in shopping malls including Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and in Landsec’s Lewisham Shopping Centre.

The campaign which goes live on14th August, features multiple creatives introducing a number of the key audience groups for the WUKA brand with copy lines including: “leak-proof aunties”, “period-powerful Beti”, “free-flow Bhabi”, “period proud bride” and “drip free Dadi”. This campaign is the result of a unique collaboration between WUKA and JCDecaux UK’s Reach Programme, which aims to uplift and amplify underrepresented voices through the power of Out-of-Home advertising.

We are delighted to be working with JCDecaux UK’s Reach programme as we continue to build our brand. This partnership has given our brand access to Out-of-Home advertising sites in key malls in London, reaching our audience as well as empowering women from the South Asian Diaspora to feel acknowledged and represented. Ruby Raut CEO of WUKA
Out-of-Home will be instrumental in getting WUKA’s message out to their audience and thanks to JCDecaux UK’s Reach programme we are helping WUKA take their brand to the next level. The WUKA Wedding creative in particular, stands out for its powerful imagery and messaging that resonates with all women. It is a positive and joyous portrayal of South Asian women that challenges societal taboos and encourages open conversations. Thanh Catachanas Programme Lead for JCDecaux UK's Reach Programme

Founder and CEO of the WUKA brand, Ruby Raut, recently shared the background to her brand on JCDecaux UK's Digital Changemakers podcast explaining that  growing up in Nepal during menstruation, she would be given sari rags to use for the bleeding, which although reusable and eco-friendly, weren't leak-proof or comfortable.  Many years later and by now an environmental scientist and femtech pioneer, Ruby launched her sustainable period pants brand WUKA.

Now the brand is taking to the public screen of Out-of-Home as they bring their message to audiences out and about in London. 

Find out more about WUKA here.


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