JCDecaux has signed an exclusive UK partnership with Airvertise, a company that has patented a unique product (known as PosterProps™) for 3D Outdoor advertising campaigns. The new product will transform the cost of spectacular advertising, enabling clients to book 50 x 3D billboards for the cost of 10 traditional 3D specials.
The partnership will enable JCDecaux to provide brands with an exciting new product to create ‘larger than life’ advertising campaigns on billboards and wallwraps. With huge flexibility for brands, the product can form complex shapes including: food, drink, confectionery and electronic goods.
Sam Bird, Director of Productions and Creative Solutions said, “This is about creating, big, bold Outdoor spectacular campaigns that are simply unmissable. This high-impact 3D product will enable clients to bring their brands spectacularly to life on the streets, amplifying their wider Outdoor campaigns. Airvertise are our official OOH UK partner and we are delighted to be working with them to facilitate national specials campaigns and to open up the specials market to even more clients.”
Tony Gearty, CEO of Airvertise said “We are delighted to have teamed up with JCDecaux which means that clients can now have several 3D adverts for the same investment they would previously have paid for just 1 hard-format 3D prop.”
The new product will be unveiled to clients at the JCDecaux Innovate Open Day on 24 and 25 October at JCDecaux’s Inspiration Centre at 991 Great West Road. JCDecaux Innovate leads the UK market in delivering high-impact ‘specials’ - bringing campaigns to life on the streets using 2D and 3D techniques, wraps and the latest technology including AR and NFC-enabled advertising sites.