Sage + Archer, the European programmatic digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and mobile media buying platform is working with JCDecaux UK, scaling up reach in the UK.

The partnership enables advertisers and agencies across Europe to reach their target audiences efficiently by connecting high-impact JCDecaux UK Out-of-Home screens to mobile data and devices. The partnership was immediately put to good use with a campaign for the Flower Council of Holland.

Matterkind and UM used the Sage + Archer platform to reach the Flower Council of Holland’s urban target audience across media owners, including JCDecaux UK. Mobile data was utilised to pinpoint where and when to reach the intended audience across The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. The data-based approach reduced waste and increased campaign effectiveness.

We are delighted to be working with Sage + Archer in the UK.  Programmatic Digital-Out-of-Home enables brands to reach audiences with contextually-relevant messaging, with the ability to serve impressions as and when a brand wants them, giving advertisers true flexibility. As the latest research from Lumen shows, running the creative across the public screen of OOH and the private screen of Mobile makes a campaign work harder, delivering enhanced outcomes for our clients. Mark Bucknell Chief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux UK


We are thrilled to have partnered with JCDecaux in the UK. The ability to combine out-of-home reach with mobile data enables media buyers the opportunity to run dynamic, effective and measurable out-of-home campaigns. With JCDecaux's high impact, programmatic digital screens available in Sage + Archer, we offer brands and agencies the unique opportunity to reach audiences in the UK with access to over 90% of the DOOH marketplace. Diederick Ubels Co-Founder, Sage + Archer

About Sage + Archer

The European programmatic DOOH and mobile media buying platform. Sage + Archer enables marketers to reach their audiences on mobile and digital out-of-home in real time, with trigger-led, data based campaigns.

The Sage represents the human effort and years of media buying experience put into developing the platform. It ensures full transparency, verified data and premium, brandsafe inventory. The Archer embodies the technology required to run campaigns that utilise all of the advantages that programmatic advertising has to offer: a highly efficient buying process, contextual dynamic creatives, moment related messaging and algorithmic optimisations.
The Sage offers its wisdom, the Archer its skill and together they provide media buyers with all of the joy of programmatic buying, and none of the hassle.

Sage + Archer connects media buyers to 50+ Out-of-Home and 500+ mobile media owners, and has been used to run 1000+ campaigns across Europe since 2013.  Read more and get inspired by cases through our website.


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