Nurture, JCDecaux’s referral programme to help start-up businesses scale up, has launched in the Netherlands. Nurture was started in the UK in 2016 and, through the Netherlands launch, is now available in four countries, with the programme also on offer in France and Germany.

The Netherlands is home to a thriving start-up scene, which has seen steady growth over the last decade, thanks to an overall environment which encourages new businesses to succeed. Initiatives include the Dutch government’s commitment to supporting start-ups, a straightforward process for establishing companies and a positive financial climate. The VC investment scene is very active, with more early-stage VCs focusing on tech start-ups; plus a vibrant community of private angel investors.
"Through the Nurture programme we want to ensure that as many start-up businesses as possible have access to the benefits of out-of-home media in a way that’s tailored to their particular requirements, benefiting from insight and investment to develop campaigns specifically designed to deliver results for them. With its positive, dynamic and growing start-up community, the Netherlands was a natural location for Nurture expansion." Mark BucknellChief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux UK 
"The Nurture programme is well-established and proven successful for start-ups. JCDecaux has an extensive network of digital and classic media channels in key locations throughout the Netherlands, currently including Amsterdam and The Hague, and soon to include Rotterdam. It’s great to be able to bring our networks’ benefits to Holland’s start-up businesses through Nurture, helping them to scale and grow." Bart de VriesCommercial Director, JCDecaux Netherlands
The Nurture programme provides mentoring, insight, marketing support and investment matching to optimise media spend, creating accountable, efficient and targeted Out-of-Home campaigns proven to help start-ups scale up. The programme exists to empower the businesses of tomorrow by giving them a voice in the real world.

JCDecaux is the Out-of-Home market leader in the Netherlands. Through street furniture and transport advertising channels JCDecaux media reaches 60% of the Netherlands population every week.

For more information about JCDecaux Nurture, visit the programme page