As part of ongoing upgrades to Edinburgh Airport, 14 new iVisions have been installed, forming a ‘runway’ through the departure lounge. 

Included as part of the Edinburgh DAPs network, the unmissable fleet of 80” screens, with full-motion and dynamic capabilities, offer brands the perfect opportunity to dominate Scotland’s busiest airport. 

Edinburgh Airport is the UK’s fastest growing airport, boasting an impressive 14.7 million passengers in 2019, which was the busiest year on record and saw a 3.1% increase on the previous year. 

Over the past few years there has been significant investment into Edinburgh Airport, and this combined with increased passenger numbers has resulted in retailers opening new stores in the departure lounge. 2019 also saw BrewDog open their first airport bar, bringing a new beer experience to passengers.

The airport is a key business hub, with the UK’s busiest domestic flight route between Edinburgh and Heathrow, linking the two biggest financial hubs in the UK: London and Edinburgh. 

The airport also welcomes 9.4 million international visitors every year who are drawn to Edinburgh’s historic attractions including Edinburgh Castle and vibrant festivals and celebrations such as Fringe and Hogmanay.