Universal Pictures, MediaCom, and JCDecaux have teamed up to bring the Isla Nublar experience to Londoners on a giant scale – turning London King’s Cross Station into ‘Channel Jurassic’ - using digital OOH and experiential activity to build brand awareness and drive ticket sales.

Over the May bank holiday weekend, Londoners woke to the sight of a T-Rex in transit down the Thames, her head poking out of the container, before ‘escaping’ to a vantage point by City Hall, where the film’s stars launched Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom to the press and public ahead of the film’s opening on 6 June.

On 30 May, the dino-action moved to London King’s Cross station with an immersive takeover dominating every media format including:  a life-size 11-metre long, roaring t-rex, a ‘crashed’ gyrosphere for the ultimate selfie, Jurassic content across all portrait and landscape digital screens, Compsognathus peeking down from the top of digital screens and a fully-wrapped digital immersion zone, complete with the sound of the jungle.

Just outside the station, the public can visit the recently vacated container for an AR adventure experience like no other (hint, try seeing things from a dinosaur’s point of view) – all a few steps away from the fully-wrapped bus shelters. Not surprisingly, #JurassicLondon was soon trending on twitter.

Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom sees Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) return to Isla Nublar to save the dinosaurs when a dormant volcano comes back to life.
In 2015, Universal Pictures and JCDecaux transformed Waterloo Station into the legendary Jurassic World theme Park, first teasing commuters with an InGen-branded container on the station concourse, (with the signage “Predatory Livestock – Trained Handlers Only) before the reveal that three velociraptors had ‘escaped.’ 


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