Our stakeholders are core to the success of our business. The range of stakeholders we work with is as diverse as our activities. It encompasses local government, advertisers, media and planning agencies, transport companies, landlords, public bodies and trade associations; as well as shareholders, the public and our own team members.


Working in partnership with advertisers

Our advertisers want advertising products that deliver results; they also want quality, innovation and customer service. We work hard to encourage loyalty by continually innovating to ensure our media solutions fit the needs of our advertisers, responsibly.

Increased vehicle usage due to urbanisation is one of the main causes of air pollution so given The Body Shop’s strong ethical commitment to sustainability, we naturally jumped at the opportunity to work with them, Maxus and AirLabs, using state-of-the-art technology to not only deliver a hard-hitting campaign, but also help to reduce air pollution in the city.

Sustainable purchasing, sourcing with integrity

Working with the right suppliers is a vital part of our product quality process.


We’ve worked with many of them for a long time, and developed partnerships of trust, ensuring that they share our values and our commitment to sustainable development, which is integrated within our Purchasing Policy. It includes buyer training, supplier pre-selection criteria, supplier Code of Conduct commitment, annual evaluation, a three-yearly audit and access to our sustainability training including launching an Environmental Management System.

We work to achieve accreditation via our partners’ environmental schemes, proving we share their standards. For example, we have a Bronze award from TfL’s own Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), demonstrating market leadership in the fleet sector.

Sedex conference, London, March 2019

In 2019, we were awarded second place in the prestigious Best Environmental Sustainability Programme award in the supplier category, at the Sedex conference in London.  Over 50,000 companies (buyers, suppliers and auditors) in 150 countries use Sedex to manage their performance in relation to labour law, health and safety, sustainability and business ethics.

Sedex provides one of the world’s largest collaborative platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data about supply chains.

The Sedex conference is an annual event held to recognise responsible businesses, with award winners selected by a panel of experts. The conference brings together more than 700 business leaders, professionals and government representatives.

Ambassadors for company values, our people

We are committed to strengthening our employees’ commitment towards sustainable development by promoting innovative and responsible environmental approaches throughout the business.


Communication plays a clear role in integrating an environmentally responsible culture. This is done via a dedicated intranet site and regular e-mail and face-to-face updates. Posters are also placed on bulletin boards in all offices and depots throughout the country. The team has enthusiastically embraced the business’s focus on environmental sustainability. For example the ‘Take Some Thyme’ seed planting and plant growth was documented by participating team members on dedicated intranet pages.


‘Take Some Thyme’ initiative – seed packs to grow bee-attracting thyme

Innovating for the environment

Here are a few of the achievements driven from our environmental priorities to date and our bold targets for the future, benefitting stakeholders and communities across the UK.


Our stakeholder policies

Find out more about a specific area of our sustainability commitments.