Highlighting the flexibility and immediacy of digital, Transworld deployed time-sensitive digital locations at Heathrow Airport and at Eurostar as part of the launch strategy for Inferno, Dan Brown’s latest mystery thriller. 
The media space was planned and booked by Acumen and PIS in line with the author’s promotional tour, coinciding with Dan Brown's arrival in the UK at Heathrow Terminal 1, with a 7-day campaign on Arrivals’ 6-sheets from 20 May. This was followed by a one-day campaign in the Departure Lounge at Eurostar on 22nd May, the day Dan Brown travelled to the continent to continue his tour.
Reaching upmarket audiences, with time on their hands, the campaign capitalised upon the point-of-sale opportunities to purchase Inferno at Eurostar and Heathrow Airport. With 5 million departing passengers for Eurostar and 7 million arriving passengers for Heathrow Terminal 1 each year, the campaign targeted audiences in the right mindset and in the right environment to purchase the fourth book in the best-selling Robert Langdon series.
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