Yet another fantastic month full of dynamic campaigns has just come to a close. Check out some of our favourites from September!
Santander Mortgages

Santander has taken another dynamic approach to its Outdoor advertising with its mortgage campaign during September. Train departure data was used to pull in key locations along particular routes. These chosen locations would be displayed alongside information regarding typical commuting times as well as the average property price in each area! 
The campaign is running across JCDecaux’s Transvision network and was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope. 
Just Eat

Just Eat also used dynamic to give their DOOH campaign a fun twist this month.
Using data from the met office, Just Eat sent out classic puns and relative text depending on what was happening outside. For example, if it was raining a message would be displayed saying “It’s raining, whet your appetite.”
Just Eat also had the ability to ‘takeover’ using the automated system to publish creatives relative to social media trends at any given time, e.g. “Give Thursday that Friday feeling.”
The campaign was deployed across large format roadside, Rail D6, Transvision and the LDN Network. It ran from September 19 to October 2 and was planned and booked through M/SIX and Kinetic. 

Xbox Forza Horizon 

Microsoft decided to go dynamic this September for the release of its new racing game Forza Horizon 3. 
In order to create awareness around the launch, broaden the audience to lapsed racing gamers and to stimulate conversation around challenges within the demo, pre-supplied game clips from users of the Forza demo were triggered on DOOH screens, pre and post launch. 
Fans of the game who had downloaded the demo before the launch had the chance to see their laps replayed across the network, mixed together with time lapsed images of new cars featured within the game. 
The campaign ran on Rail and Mall D6 from September 19 to October 2 and was planned and booked through Carat and Posterscope. 
Cadbury Roses 

In a new, heart-warming DOOH campaign, Cadbury Roses reminded people that sometimes it’s the smallest things that we should be thankful for.
The dynamic campaign’s colourful creative featured a selection of the favourite classics such as ‘Strawberry Dream’ and ‘Caramel Velvet’ alongside the hashtag #ThankYouVeryMuch. The hashtag was followed by various messages in each creative such as “for letting me drag you round the shops” and “for sharing your dessert when I say I don’t want one”.
In addition to this, when the weather changed to rain the messages switched to “#ThankYouVeryMuch for lending me your brolly”.
The campaign, which ran on rail Transvision and D6s, mall M-Visions and Tesco SmartScreen, ran from September 12th – 25th. It was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope.
Arla BOB

To raise awareness of its new BOB (best of both) milk brand, Arla launched a dynamic countdown on digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) to ‘elevenses.’ 
On their way to work, commuters could see a countdown that said “115 mins to elevenses with a cuppa that’s not grey.” On the way back from work they would see “One sleep until breakfast with cereal that’s not watery.”
The campaign, which ran across JCDecaux’s Transvision network, was live from 12-25 September and was planned and booked through Carat and Posterscope.
Keep an eye out for October’s dynamic run down later this month!