This week global beauty leader Coty launched a unique experiential campaign in the heart of Heathrow Terminal 5, promoting the latest fragrance in their Calvin Klein Euphoria collection, Deep Euphoria. As the first major addition to the Euphoria franchise since 2005, this interactive experience invites passengers to explore the new ‘modern’ fragrance and immerses them in the Deep Euphoria brand.
The stand grabs the attention of passengers with large digital screens showcasing the full television advert featuring new brand ambassador Margot Robbie, and draws them in with the offer of free samples and an interactive photobooth experience. With over 3,400 fragrances available to buy at Heathrow Airport, the experiential stand is a unique and effective way for Calvin Klein to stand out from the competition and ensure Deep Euphoria is front of mind for passengers when considering their fragrance purchases.
Located in the busy departure lounge of Heathrow’s largest terminal, the campaign has the potential to reach 1.5million affluent individuals over the course of the 4 weeks, many of whom will be actively seeking entertainment and distraction while waiting for their flights. With 81% of passengers purchasing luxury fragrances at the airport, the campaign’s close proximity to World Duty Free is sure to drive point of sale purchases and steal focus from competitors.
Alan Sullivan, Managing Director, JCDecaux Airport UK, said: ‘With over £122million spent on fragrance at Heathrow in the last year, having a strong presence at the airport is critical for brands to promote drive to store and keep front of mind with this high-spending affluent audience. It’s fantastic to see a luxury fragrance brand embracing interactive experiences to augment traditional OOH formats to engage and influence the highly desirable airport audience’.
The campaign will run for 4 weeks over October 2016 and was booked through JCDecaux Airport by JCDecaux One World.