The campaign is running across JCDecaux UK’s national network of screens, raising awareness of how ordinary people make a big difference to the climate change crisis. 

While world leaders convene in Glasgow for COP26 to negotiate our climate future, ordinary people from across the UK show them how they, and others like them, are making a significant difference to reducing our carbon footprint.

It is these unsung, Everyday Climate Heroes that Rankin, the UK’s most renowned photographer, has brought to the forefront in this campaign, which has been unveiled at COP26 and displayed across JCDecaux UK’s network of screens throughout the UK for its duration.

The bespoke work is in partnership with the Futerra Solutions Union, a new non-profit, which uses the power of culture to accelerate sustainable development.

The campaign aims to change the face of climate action in the UK, breaking through the stereotypes of only politicians and activists having a media profile, when so many of us are making a difference everyday.

The 10 Everyday Climate Heroes identified by the Futerra Solutions Union and shot by Rankin range from a former coal miner to a farmer; from scientists to teachers, community volunteers, a factory worker and a waitress. Each brings a message of hope underlined by their urgency to do what they can to secure our future.

The series of images has been unveiled at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, in Glasgow and on our network of screens throughout the UK. Each of the climate heroes has been interviewed at length, quotes from which can be found here.

We are delighted to have worked with Futerra Solutions Union on this powerful and relevant Everyday Climate Heroes campaign, supporting it on our nationwide network of screens through our start-up programme, Nurture. Not only does it reinforce our commitment to sustainability as a business, but it also highlights the power of the public screen of Out-of-Home in driving positive change and shifting perceptions in powerful ways. Joe Hills Head of Nurture at JCDecaux UK

Photographer Rankin, said: “The Everyday Climate Heroes all have thought provoking stories to tell. Through imagery, I wanted to highlight the extraordinary change being made by these ordinary people within their local communities and to the environment. This project takes the spotlight away from the world leaders and places it on the people that make up our nation, we all have a part to play in tackling the climate crisis. And now is that time.”

Solitaire Townsend, Chair of the Futerra Solutions Union said: “Across the UK people are making a real difference, everyday. Our neighbours, our friends, and our children are all starting to do what they can in millions of different ways, every single day. These are extraordinary portraits of everyday people. We couldn’t be more proud to help raise up these voices."

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