Campaign celebrates the everyday heroes changing the narrative of what a 'LAD' can be in 2021.

LADbible Group, the world’s biggest social publisher and content creator, has launched a new Digital Out-of-Home campaign. 

The campaign is produced by award-winning creative studio Uncommon and features a series of striking images which will run for four weeks across high-impact JCDecaux UK Digital Out-of-Home roadside and rail channel locations in London and Manchester, celebrating the evolving narrative of what it means to be a ‘LAD’. 

The campaign uses the power of the public screen to bring to life the everyday heroes championed by LADbible Group across its digital content.

It features powerful visuals of inspiring individuals including:
•    British Olympian skateboarder Sky Brown, who has been followed by LADbible since she was nine years old; 
•    Patrick Hutchinson, who shot to fame when he was photographed carrying an injured counter-protestor to safety during a central London Black Lives Matter demonstration in 2020;
•    World record holding athlete, wrestler Zion Clarke, born with no legs as a result of Caudal Regression Syndrome;
•    Australian bushfire hero Patrick Boyle, who risked his own safety to save koalas

LADbible’s audience is 50% female, so by leveraging Digital Out-of-Home’s ability to reach everyone, the campaign aims to shine a light on the diversity of the publisher’s audience and content, and how it has changed the narrative of what a ‘LAD’ can be in 2021. 

This is a powerful activation that champions the everyday but inspirational heroes that make LADbible’s content shine. At the end of a huge year for LADbible Group, this campaign felt like a perfect moment to stop and celebrate what has been achieved and what our brand stands for in 2021. Arian Kalantari COO and Co-Founder, LADbible Group
We’re so pleased to be working with LADbible Group on this striking, high-impact Out-of-Home campaign. LADbible Group have chosen the public screen for a campaign to bring everyday heroes to life, and this media choice underpins how effective Digital Out-of-Home is at attracting attention and building intrigue, priming people to go online to understand more. Mark Bucknell Chief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux UK 

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