With summer on the horizon, Pirinase has deployed an automated OOH campaign, promoting its hay fever relief spray by alerting sufferers when the pollen count is high. Using its new automatic buying platform, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) displays its creatives when the MET pollen data reaches certain levels. Planned and booked by Blue 449 and Posterscope, the campaign is running throughout May across roadside and rail channels.

The campaign is programmed to run when particular pollen levels are reached, with the creatives including “high” and “very high” pollen count alerts. This is a powerful example of a contextually relevant campaign, reaching hay fever sufferers at the right time when they need relief.

Innovation is a key value for GSK, so we asked PlatformGSK to find a way to represent this in our Out-of-Home execution. We weren’t disappointed. This flexible and fully automated approach will provide a guaranteed Out-of-Home presence for our Piri product range throughout the summer, but specifically in the moments when pollen levels reach their highest and customers are looking for hay fever relief. James Carpenter, Brand Manager at GSK