Marriott Hotels are the first advertiser to book JCDecaux Airport’s ‘Hex Motion Domination’, located at Heathrow Express Terminal 5.
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After successfully ‘owning’ Heathrow Airport’s Pods with JCDecaux Airport in September, Marriott are now immersing consumers in their brand for 2 months at Heathrow Express Terminal 5 with digital, banners and wraps to promote their worldwide portfolio and Marriott Rewards scheme.
With the strapline ‘No two travellers are alike…So why should their hotels be?’, this campaign hangs from the ceiling, stretches across the walls and escalators, and wraps the lifts as it immerses travellers. Marriott’s promotions on JCDecaux’s digital screens add motion to the vibrant creative that dominates the concourse and platforms of the terminal.
As the fastest way to travel to Heathrow Airport from Central London, Heathrow Express reaches approximately 16,000 elite and influential passengers a day. With a creative that promotes their 13 hotel brands and over 3,600 locations across 70 countries, this campaign invites passengers to join Marriott Rewards today – a scheme that allows customers to earn rewards points that they can then use towards worldwide exclusive hotel, shopping and travel offers.
The campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux Airport by MEC and Aviator.