Programme designed to support equity of access to Out-of-Home’s Public Screen launches with collaborations with the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund and MSDUK’s 2023 Innovation Challenge

JCDecaux UK has launched Reach, a new programme designed to support brand growth for Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic brands, helping them scale and grow by reaching their chosen target audiences through the Power of the Public Screen. 

To launch the programme, JCDecaux is partnering with Google’s Black Founders Fund, part of the Google for Startups initiative, created to tackle racial inequality in venture capital funding, to help drive equity of access to the opportunities presented by Out-of-Home media’s opportunity.

Through the partnership, two recipients of the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund will each receive an Out-of-Home media campaign designed to turbo-charge their growth by building awareness and inspiring action amongst a greater number of potential customers. 

The $4 million Google for Startups Black Founders Fund supports Black-led tech startups to tackle racial inequality of venture capital funding. The fund provides businesses with up to $100,000 in non-dilutive cash awards and Cloud credits. The founders also take part in an acceleration programme that includes leadership training, workshops, mentoring and access to a community of fellow founders with an “Ask me anything” support network. 

JCDecaux is also the 2023 sponsor of the MSDUK Innovation Challenge. MSDUK is the leading supplier diversity network, working with major businesses to build diverse, inclusive supply chains. The Innovation Challenge is for ethnic minority businesses with a new and exciting idea to gain access to knowledge, investment and market opportunities. 

The Reach programme will amplify opportunities for Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic businesses to scale and grow, helping them communicate with their target audiences in greater numbers through equity of access to the Power of the Public Screen. Bringing more diverse businesses onto our medium will foster an increase in more representative advertising content, underpinning our commitment to making Out-of-Home accessible and relevant for all. To underpin this commitment, we’re so pleased that our partnerships with Google’s Black Founders Fund and the MSDUK Innovation Challenge help ensure we can provide a greater number of ethnically-diverse businesses with fast-track access to the Power of the Public Screen. Mark Bucknell Chief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux UK 
We are very excited to be working with JCDecaux to increase the awareness of these innovative Black-led businesses. This partnership will both enable these founders to reach the audiences needed to scale their businesses, while also inspiring the next generation of Black entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into thriving startups. Rachael Palmer Head of VC & Startup Partnerships EMEA, Google


Our Innovation Challenge is a vital channel to help brand new Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic businesses built on a brilliant idea gain traction by showcasing that idea to potential corporate clients, helping them run better businesses while also increasing supplier network diversity. We’re delighted that by working with JCDecaux we can provide the winner with such an incredible prize, ensuring their great idea gets the attention it deserves through an Out-of-Home media campaign. Bao Tieu Head of Ventures, MSDUK

Through tailored use of JCDecaux’s extensive data-driven planning tools, campaigns delivered via the Reach programme will enable Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic brands to break through and target wider potential audiences for their products and services. Reach makes the most of JCDecaux’s expertise in location targeting to match message and creative to target audiences, ensuring that campaigns resonate closely with them and grow their customer base. The programme is also designed to bring big brands to diverse communities through representative, inclusive messaging; and to help heritage ethnic brands grow from niche to mass market through the Public Screen’s proven democratic, open, trusted broadcast capabilities.  

By working with more ethnically owned businesses, Reach is also designed to increase representation across Out-of-Home, showcasing more diverse businesses and representing more diverse consumers front and centre at the heart of communities. Reach ensures that campaigns running on JCDecaux channels are truly representative of all communities the business serves.


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