JCDecaux UK has launched its first National Drive screens in Norwich, making the network now present in 12 major cities.

JCDecaux UK is officially introducing key audiences within the capital of East Anglia Norwich to the National Drive network, a first for the city. This notable city gained popularity as the first city to introduce a shopping street designated for pedestrians and today is one of the UK’s top shopping destinations1. The new installs are located on the A147, Koblenz Avenue within the city centre which connects those to major and bustling retail parks. The addition of the National Drive network perfectly accompanies our existing digital presence within the city, with other opportunities such as digital 6-sheets.  

As JCDecaux UK reaches new audiences in Norwich, the National Drive network has seen substantial growth and development in several key cities such as Leeds, Birmingham, and Derby. This network delivers +84% more audience vs. rest of industry average and an outstanding 44 million viewed impressions in total each week2.  The National Drive network will see continued expansion throughout the UK in 2024. 

As part of JCDecaux UK’s ongoing commitment to digital investment in the top UK cities, the new install takes the combined National Drive and LDN Drive network’s total coverage to 150 digital screens in 13 major cities Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Norwich, Sheffield, and Southampton.  

The city of Norwich, once the second largest city in Tudor England and renowned for its integrity to preserving medieval architecture and iconic cathedrals, is a key driver for tourism3. The rich historic value of the city exhibits how Norwich can welcome an incredible 40 millionvisitors each year and is home to a population of just over 140,0005. Thus, exemplifying JCDecaux UK’s continual investments into such lucrative and cultural cities.  

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