Helping people join the dots of menopause

JCDecaux Community Channel in partnership with The Menopause Charity has launched a powerful campaign this month to raise awareness of and help people join the dots of menopause.

Over half the population will go through menopause in their lifetime.  Despite this, many still struggle to spot the signs and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.  This sadly delays access to support and treatment.  The campaign features four messages encouraging people to ask ‘Could it be menopause?’. 

Menopause can have a devastating impact on the personal and professional life of those experiencing it. Raising awareness of the symptoms and the changes of menopause can help people to join the dots and seek appropriate care and treatment. 

Our experience shows that when people have access to evidence-based information, it helps them seek appropriate care and treatment. We want to increase awareness of the many physical and psychological symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.  We are delighted to be working with JCDecaux UK to help people join the dots of menopause, understand the changes happening to them and know what to do next. Jenny Haskey CEO at The Menopause Charity
We are proud to be supporting this important campaign, using the power of the public screen to help people join the dots of menopause. The JCDecaux Community Channel was created to open up access to Out-of-Home to both charitable initiatives and communities and I look forward to seeing this campaign up on the streets. Chris Dooley Head of Social Impact at JCDecaux UK

 The campaign is running across digital billboards nationwide throughout January. For more information click here.


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