The rise of dynamic digital and the introduction of JCDecaux’s SmartSUITE proprietary software has led to some exciting developments in the digital-out-of-home arena. Heathrow has provided the platform for some ground-breaking ‘media-first’ dynamic digital campaigns over the past 2 years, and is still leading the way in utilising live data to enhance digital campaigns for advertisers and add value for passengers.  

Tapping into Heathrow’s comprehensive API data stream (which details live departure times, flight destinations and gateroom locations) has enabled JCDecaux Airport not only to sell bespoke campaigns by utilising live data, but to introduce a completely new way of selling our digital inventory, by audience rather than period of time.   

Using a CPM pricing model gives advertisers the opportunity to target passengers based purely on their end destination, allowing for precise audience targeting and avoiding wastage. Advertisers’ campaigns will be displayed in the gaterooms flying only to their pre-selected destinations; whether that be as broad as a whole continent or as narrow as one city. Cost is then calculated based on the number of appropriate passengers the advertiser will reach over their campaign duration.

Planning purely on audience is a move away from traditional out of home buying models, but as digital budgets are key to growing the OOH market, the CPM approach could be a smart and efficient option for many advertisers.   

A second major benefit of the CPM model is the creative flexibility it gives the advertiser. Targeting by destination provides the opportunity to deliver bespoke content, whether that be language specific copy, personalised messages, or precise end-destination weather & city information.

This type of targeting puts the audience at the centre of the media buy, as opposed to the traditional blanket approach of buying a period of time, delivering a much better ROI for clients. Major global brands including The Financial Times, Commerzbank and Seiko have adopted the CPM model in recent months, reaping the benefits of the precise targeting and creative flexibility offered over and above the traditional DOOH sales model.     

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