JCDecaux has launched its Connected Youth research initiative plugging in direct to 1,000 urban mobile-connected 15-24 year olds and enabling advertisers and agencies access to their opinions, habits and lifestyle choices.
The Connected Youth community is run through mobile research specialist On Device Research and will give brands up-to-the-minute insight straight from one of the hardest to access social groups. To further connect with this group JCDecaux will also be developing an app to talk to its Connected Youth community on smartphone devices.
 JCDecaux will deliver short weekly surveys that will ensure advertisers get the information they need, when they need it. JCDecaux will also offer bespoke surveys at the specific request of agencies and advertisers to its Connected Youth community. The Connected Youth community is partnered with StreetTalk, JCDecaux’s youth communications channel positioned on high streets, meeting places, bars and entertainment venues – where young people meet.
The youth audience can be seen as traditionally hard to reach as they avoid traditional research whenever they can. 15-24 year olds spend 3% more time out of home during the week and 18% more time at the weekend. The Connected Youth community are also 20% more likely to own a tablet device and 26% are more likely to use that tablet on a daily basis.