2.7mGreater Manchester population
7.2mwithin a 1 hour drive


Manchester Piccadilly 

Manchester Piccadilly, a popular station for both commuters and national travellers sees an annual footfall of 29m and is a major transport hub for the north.


1 Transvision
9 digital 6-sheets


Street furniture

An innovative range of hubs positioned throughout the Central Retail District offer 86" HD displays plus additional free public services, including automated external defibrillators that can be used by the public to save lives. A state-of-the-art bus shelter in the city centre offers free Wi-Fi, free charging points and travel and city information via digital touchscreens.


19 digital 6-sheets
17 communication hubs

The Manchester Towers

Located on Trinity Way, these towers are unmissable to audiences travelling in and out of the city centre. 



2 screens
731k weekly viewed impressions

The Trafford Tower 

This double-sided tower targets inbound and outbound traffic from Manchester city centre. 


2 screens
769k weekly viewed impressions

The Trafford Arch

Located on the A56, one of the city's key arterial routes, this double-sided iconic advertising structure was the first in the UK to span a major road at 46 metres long. 


2 screens
2.2m weekly viewed impressions

The Salford Arch 

An iconic, digital advertising superstructure that stretches across 6 lanes of traffic at one of the city's busiest arterial junctions, targeting those travelling inbound and outbound.


2 screens
1.8m weekly viewed impressions

National Drive

These large format digital screens together form a powerful channel for brand communication in the city, strategically positioned on key arterial routes.


20% larger than the market average
4 screens

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