JCDecaux has unveiled its 2016 Christmas campaign with a captivating, illustrated story Monkey Mischief.  This is the second year that JCDecaux has brought a Christmas campaign to Outdoor, at a time when festive campaigns from major brands have become an annual event for audiences. The 22-episode narrative will be screened across JCDecaux’s D6 network in Rail, Retail and Roadside until 11th December.
With a theme of friendship, the story begins on a frosty Christmas Eve and follows the adventures of two children, Ben and Emma, who while waiting at a bus stop on Oxford Street end up pursuing a cheeky monkey across a host of magical landscapes after he steals Ben’s hat through an enchanted poster screen. 
Illustrated by Alison Edgson and written by Elyssa Campbell-Barr, Christmas shoppers can follow Ben and Emma’s journey across tropical islands, cityscapes and a helter-skelter in the clouds, as they befriend a polar bear and eventually make amends with the playful primate. 
Janet Guest, Editorial Director of JCDecaux’s content division, said:“Everyone looks forward to the heartwarming Christmas campaigns from the major retailers and we hope that our campaign with a mischievous monkey in ‘Monkey Mischief’ will resonate with audiences in the same way.  Last year we featured a little red bird who flew home across mountains and sea for Christmas – and we are delighted that people are telling us they see similarities with Waitrose’s ‘Coming Home’ campaign this year.”
In Arni’s Epic Adventures in 2015, the story featured a baby Norwegian Pine Gros bird who chased after his home in a felled tree as it was transported across land and sea to London. Along the way he battled the elements, flew over mountains, was soaked by a wave and fought off a hawk - before coming home to his tree in Trafalgar Square.

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