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  • Where can I find the digital specifications on the JCDecaux website?
    Follow this link here for all the digital specifications
    You can search by individual format or by channel.
    For example, type ‘Transvision’ and enter. Alternatively, select the channel and search through the formats there.
  • What is the maximum file size for digital copy files?
    Up to 100MB.
  • Which format should be used for digital copy files?
    For static copy we require a JPEG file. For motion copy we require either an MP4 or MOV file. Both should be no bigger than 100MB in size.
  • The digital specifications say Rail D6 copy needs to be 5 seconds in length, can we run 10 second copy instead?
    Yes, you can. The copy will run less frequently because the copy is twice as long, however the same share of time percentage will still be achieved. Additionally, you can stitch two JPEG files together to create a single mp4/mov file.
  • Where can I find information on HFSS requirements and approval?
    Follow this link here for all the details on HFSS.
  • Can we advertise vaping products and electronic cigarettes on JCDecaux sites?
    All vaping products and electronic cigarettes campaigns are subject to approval. This excludes rail formats as we cannot run this type of campaign on rail formats.
  • Can we change creative halfway through a campaign?
    Yes, you can on the basis that we are provided with clear instructions and new creative within the copy deadlines.
  • Can we get professional photos of our campaign?
    Yes, you will need to organise this with your sales contact prior to the campaign starting.
  • Can we run motion copy on roadside formats?
    As motion copy is distracting to drivers, we cannot run motion copy on roadside formats. See creative delivery for more details.
  • Do the JCDecaux panels have sound abilities?
    Unless we are running an experiential site with specially built stands, the standard JCDecaux panels do not have sound features.
  • Do we need default copy and why?
    Yes, if you are supplying multiple creative files which will be used for a specific purpose such as dates, locations or weather, we require a default piece of creative to use when the specific rules don’t apply. 
  • Can I change digital copy out of hours?
    Yes, this is possible at a charge of £500 and has to be organised and agreed with Campaign Management. Copy and creative instructions must be supplied within working hours beforehand.