Delivery destination 


Route to Market Copy Delivery Destination
Specialist/National Agency/One World/Retail Media Campaigndeliveryuk@jcdecaux.com
Regional Agency/Airports/Direct Campaignmanagement.RAD@jcdecaux.com

Creative deadlines

We require copy and scheduling instructions in advance of campaigns to complete copy preparation activities. 

Copy due timetable 

For campaigns NOT requiring landlord approval or complex dynamic testing.

*For campaigns with >80 pieces of copy, please discuss with Campaign Management at point of booking.
** Working hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 5:30pm, Friday 9am to 4:30pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

Default copy

For any complex scheduling (site specific or copy not just scheduled in equal rotation) a default copy is required. This default copy is used in the case that the copy instructions or rules do not apply. It must be supplied as we are unable to promote a campaign without default copy.

Late delivery

  • Receipt of copy after deadline time may result in a delay to the first playout of copy for the campaign, for which no compensation will be due from JCDecaux UK.
  • No compensation will be due for lost impressions and no playout extension will be provided.
  • Copy moderation and scheduling will be managed according to the copy due timetable. Late copy will be managed according to the date/time of delivery.
  • For campaigns with multiple pieces of copy delivered late, we will endeavour to prepare default copy in line with the single copy service level to achieve maximum playout whilst the remaining copy is prepared.
  • E.g. 1: Consider a campaign with nine pieces of copy, delivered five working hours prior to time of first playout with an identified default. The single default piece of copy will be guaranteed as ready for playout. The remaining eight pieces of copy will be guaranteed as ready for playout within the next working day. As such the first day of playout will be on a single piece of copy only.
  • E.g. 2: Copy for a single-copy campaign delivered three working hours to the first playout will play as booked. Receipt of copy after copy due time may result in a delay to the first playout of copy for the campaign, for which no compensation will be due from JCDecaux UK.


Specific instructions

Campaign Management have the ability to schedule linear copy based on specific instructions at no extra cost. We can create rules that define when or where a copy is to play out.

These rules can be created based on:

  • Date ranges.
  • Day of the week.
  • Time of day.
  • Weather.
  • Temperature.
  • Specific frame.
  • Location.

Complex copy instructions need to be sent along with the creative. If delivery is late for complex scheduling, we will always endeavour to get this live for the in-charge date, however, we may schedule default copy until we are able to prepare and schedule the creative as per the instructions.

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