Co-created by JCDecaux and City AM award-winning analyst, Ian Whittaker, the JCDecaux Digital Changemakers programme inspires and enables every marketer to learn from industry experts in order to become a changemaker in their own organisations. Here’s what you can expect.


This is a call to arms for senior marketers to become changemakers in their own organisations in the quest for brand growth. Join the debate on the latest industry trends and learn how you can navigate the most complex macroeconomic landscape we’ve seen in our lifetime.

Rajvi Kantaria Marketing Director, JCDecaux UK

Digital Changemakers Podcast


The Digital Changemakers Podcast is hosted by Ian Whittaker, with guest experts who have been catalysts for change in their own organisations, such as PwC, Direct Line, Kantar and more. Unpick their unique approach and learn from their insights.


Episodes will launch every Tuesday. Available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and via the Digital Changemakers Hub.

Digital Changemakers Hub


Explore the latest advertising trends, research techniques and brand case studies on the Digital Changemakers Hub.


Use downloadable slides to build your case for additional marketing investment.

Learn the Language of the CFO


By popular demand, Ian Whittaker presents the latest masterclass in the Digital Academy eLearning series. Learn the language of the CFO and choose the right metrics for your brand to drive growth. Don’t miss this eLearning series, rated 4.5/5 by customers.

Ian Whittaker’s content is very engaging, detailed and very relevant to live conversations. Marketeers need to understand how to talk data, proof and CFO language. Pandemic: Pause or Play customer feedback