Introducing the product

The Towers @ T5 are 7 LED display screens each measuring approx. 14m x 7m. The screens are located both landside and airside, with 5 visible from check-in and 2 from the departure lounge. All screens are synchronised to to play media content at the same playout time to prevent visual lagging. 

The media content to be displayed via the media players to the screens has no time restrictions on its duration and will be scheduled to play on a constant repeat or in a schedule. 

The screens require a specific formatting setup due to the specialist technology of the LED display. 

Technical specification

Static & motion

Format: JPEG, MP4, MOV
Size: 2368 (w) x 1136 (h) pixels
Rotation: Landscape
Slot Length: 10s
Static and motion content

File naming conventionCampaign_THETOWERS_LiveDate (YYMMDD)Submitting copyPlease send copy as an attachment or downloadable link to:

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