My whole career has been driven by a constant desire for excellence, a strong emphasis on design and an obsession with always, always using our advertising based business model to serve the community. Jean-Claude Decaux

Social impact explained

Out-of-Home advertising can be the heartbeat of a city, creating inspiring cityscapes that brighten and enrich people’s lives. Our media is part of the community, embedded in the heart of the places people congregate, such as city centres, shopping malls and rail stations.


Our media funds public amenities including bus shelters, bins, benches, street lighting, public toilets, information displays, Wi-Fi and device charging stations.

We are committed to responsible business and responsible citizenship. We believe that sustainability is key to the future of our cities and we know that certain areas of impact highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are directly affected by our work.

So we are committed to ensuring that our business creates a ‘Force For Good’, and the Social Impact programme has been established to bring this commitment to life. Social Impact opens up our brand-safe, accountable channels to run proactive campaigns that address, and positively influence, environmental and social challenges and make a difference to the communities we serve.

Consumers want to see this inspirational work, and we provide an environment to showcase it, at the right time and place, to the right audience.

Positive impact advertising: Refill Channel

In the run-up to National Refill Day in June 2019, JCDecaux UK, City to Sea and Robeco worked together to encourage rail users to switch from single use bottles to refillables to help reduce the UK’s plastic pollution. 


The Refill Channel ran on our rail and One New Change digital 6-sheet channels in London, and city centre digital 6-sheets in Bristol. It featured thought-provoking, relevant content providing plastic pollution-related pause for thought, as well as a solution to thirst on the go by raising awareness of City to Sea’s Refill campaign and free app.

Consumers were inspired by the campaign, which they felt was important and thought provoking, providing a straightforward and practical alternative to plastic bottle use.

Download the full case study 


Positive impact advertising: Clean Air Zones

BNP Paribas, Chiltern Railways, Airlabs and JCDecaux UK worked in partnership to install air filters inside advertising columns at London Marylebone. These four 'clean air zones' help to tackle air pollution in the station.

The ground-breaking project married technology and media and became the ideal showcase to demonstrate how everyone benefits from positive brand actions, from consumers to businesses.

BNP Paribas has integrated the UN SDGs into its business globally and as part of this is committed to developing solutions which contribute to the long-term sustainability of our cities. Where we have an opportunity to partner with our clients, start-ups and the local community to make an immediate, positive impact we should take it, and that’s just what we’ve done here. We hope that our employees, clients – many of whom use Marylebone station daily – and local community will benefit from the clean air zones. Anne Marie Verstraeten, UK Country Head, BNP Paribas

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