A new research study titled 'Programmatic DOOH: The Time is Now' looks into how marketers are using programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) advertising, revealing that the majority of pDOOH marketers are always involved in the planning and buying of at least one digital channel.


Further analysis of the omnichannel mix reveals that, on average, 58% of marketers that plan and/or buy pDOOH are part of hybrid teams that are also responsible for display, connected TV, in-app, programmatic audio, and video. 

"MTM has been researching pDOOH for multiple years now, and it's been exciting to watch it grow. It's a great medium combining the brand-building benefits of traditional OOH with the targeting and measurement benefits of programmatic digital channels," said Carrie Condino, associate director at MTM. “In our latest survey with JCDecaux, one out of three (35%) of digital marketers said pDOOH is equally suited to delivering both brand and performance KPIs, the highest of thirteen channels in the survey, demonstrating its strength for the full funnel. There is going to be even more opportunity in the near future as we see a shift in using first-party data."

In line with marketers’ view that pDOOH is the top-performing channel in delivering both brand and performance uplift, marketers are using an array of KPIs regularly. However, this is also a complicating factor as 30% says that establishing appropriate goals is a challenge.

"The research shows us that pDOOH marketers are measuring campaign performance using a variety of KPIs some of which come from classical OOH, some of which come from the programmatic ecosystem which highlights the versatility of the channel," said Mark Bucknell, CCO, JCDecaux. "Looking into the next 12 months, pDOOH marketers are planning to increase activity across all environments and more frequently use dynamic creative optimisation (DCO). This highlights the value of the channel, and we hope will inspire the next generation of pDOOH marketers."

The research highlighted investment in measurement and data solutions with 45% and 36% of respondents, respectively, citing these as key requirements to drive growth in 2023.

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