Nurofen, the number one pain relief brand*, educated commuters about the real source of most headaches with a dynamic digital installation at London Victoria Station on Wednesday. A large screen displayed a short, informative video, revealing strained muscles in the head and neck to be the source of most headaches, and invited passers-by to send Tweets which were displayed live on the bespoke digital wall.
The one-day experiential campaign, with JCDecauxLive, engaged thousands of commuters and the hashtag #NurofenExpress reached thousands of people on social media. The buzz around the campaign was broadened by Tweets from Network Rail, JCDecaux and Metro UK, who also printed a sponsored Nurofen Express competition in the commuter newspaper the same morning.
Entries into the Twitter competition included: “My biggest headache is never being able to find matching socks when I have over 100 pairs!”, “My biggest headache is people using selfie sticks” and following Shrove Tuesday, “My biggest headache is my pancake hangover”.
Helene Dolberg, Assistant Brand Manager for Nurofen Express’ comments: “The idea of the Nurofen Express digital Twitter wall was to educate and engage consumers with the strained muscle message, increasing awareness of Nurofen Express as an effective headache treatment. We feel this has been achieved and are delighted with the results.”
Virgo Consumer Health & Wellbeing worked alongside Undercurrent who installed the digital wall. The video content was created by TMW, the social media managed by Liveposter and the activity booked with JCDecaux by ZenithOptimedia and Meridian.

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