Turkish Airlines has created an iconic new media space at Heathrow through JCDecaux Airport that has been unveiled as part of a wider airport advertising campaign. The long-term activity highlights Turkish Airlines’ international reach with over 200 destinations worldwide. To watch the site coming to life click here.
Turkish Airlines commissioned the imposing globe in the red corporate colours of the brand, complemented by five model Boeing 777 planes in the airline’s livery, and mounted on a steel plinth that weighs over four tons, the globe measures 7 feet in diameter. The globe is surrounded by a 3D display of some of the key destinations served by the airline.
Positioned in the Central Terminal Area on Heathrow’s newly developed ‘Icon Site’ media space, Turkish Airlines’ installation will reach 17 million arriving and departing passengers a year at Heathrow Terminals 1 and 3.
In addition to the ‘Icon Site’, Turkish Airlines’ campaign will run across key airport locations including: two Heathrow Bridge Sites, a Première 400 billboard in Central Terminal Area Arrivals and a Première 450 billboard at Terminal 5 Departures. At Edinburgh Airport, Turkish Airlines creative is running across the Terminal Doors, reaching audiences at all entrances and exits to the airport.