JCDecaux’s new Tesco SmartScreen channel goes live across 400 Tesco stores nationwide today (7th April).

Defined as an intelligent screen powered by dunnhumby insight, SmartScreen is the new insight-driven digital network of screens that is set to transform the future of digital Outdoor advertising.

In a series of media firsts, SmartScreen will enable optimised scheduling based on audience behaviour/sales and introduce ratings as its new currency.

Backed by CAPTAIn, JCDecaux’s pioneering new scheduling system, SmartScreen will optimise the delivery of a brand’s campaign across the network by automatically increasing or reducing the frequency of display, targeting customers according to their shopping behaviour. CAPTAIn accesses audience insight to display creatives at the optimal time for each individual campaign.

Spencer Berwin, Managing Director – Sales, said: “JCDecaux is in the vanguard of digital change, and this brand new SmartScreen channel marks the beginning of our vision for Outdoor advertising of the future. SmartScreen delivers the unrivalled ability for brands to reach target audiences according to when they are buying products within certain categories. We have launched the first audience-based planning and trading system in UK Outdoor, delivering real value to our advertisers.”

SmartScreen research shows that the sales uplift delivered by digital screens is +9% higher than the uplift delivered by non-digital posters at supermarkets. Additionally optimising the schedule to reach the brands’ target audience through our SmartScreen technology provided a further +11% sales uplift.

SmartScreen is part of Channel 6, JCDecaux's national network of 1400 digital screens in the UK.