ŠKODA brought a sense of adventure to Covent Garden in an experiential advertising campaign with JCDecauxLive this February.
ŠKODA encased the Yeti Outdoor marquee in a giant block of real ice in Covent Garden, creating excitement for the launch of the new Yeti and Yeti Outdoor models.
Consumers were invited to guess the weight of the ŠKODA ice cube for a chance to win a Yeti marquee and were encouraged to tweet the hashtag: #icecubeyeti. Twitter entries included: “You’d need a big drink for this ice cube, but just think how pleased you would be when it melts! #icecubeyeti”.
ŠKODA research shows that Britons dream of adventure, with 80% craving more excitement in their lives.
Sarah Chapman, Communications Manager for ŠKODA UK, said: "These results confirm that deep down, a large number of us are dreaming of fulfilling our sense of adventure. This feeling of needing to balance the day-to-day life and the desire for a new adventure is something we, at ŠKODA, can relate to. This is why we’ve launched the new Yeti and Yeti Outdoor – one perfect for city living, the other built for adventure."

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