We may only be three months in, but we’ve already been pretty busy at the JCDecaux London HQ this year working hard on launching the brand new ‘MyCONNECTIONS’ to enhance our insight and data offering for you! 
MyCONNECTIONS consists of three new portals including our brand new ‘MyLondon’ community. It collectively reaches a total audience of almost 10,000 people across the UK!
MyLondon is a 5000-strong panel alone, and has been created following our recent TfL bus shelter contract win, enabling us to connect clients to the distinct urban audience. The new panel is run by ResearchBods and allows clients to ask opted-in respondents questions via a website or the dedicated app and receive feedback within hours.
Additionally, MyLondon runs surveys, polls and diaries across the year. The panel covers both the central 33 boroughs as well as ‘Greater Greater London’ which covers people who visit London to either work or shop but don’t necessarily live within the traditional boundaries. 
The other two panels consist of MyShop (formerly known as Connected Consumer), and MyCommute (formerly known as Connected Commuter).
The communities for each of the three panels have been built to feel like a social network platform. The brand new features on offer make them incredibly user-friendly and attractive to the individual range of audience sets.
There are also some fantastic prizes and incentives on offer that have been tailored to each individual panel to make sure that we capture the best quality content from a happy community.
Please get in touch with us at MyConnections@JCDecaux.co.uk to put forward a question for a poll or quick survey, to feed into the monthly surveys or just for a chat with one of our friendly community brand ambassadors to discuss opportunities for bespoke research. 
Follow us on twitter at @MyCONNECTIONS__ for a sneak peek at the latest stats.