Miele, the premium domestic appliance manufacturer, is launching a new "Monster Suction" campaign to showcase the power of their vacuum cleaners. The campaign booked with JCDecaux Innovate follows from a series of special builds, including on JCDecaux’s Première 400 at Westminster Bridge.
In a media first for the Clapham Colossus, this enormous billboard will now feature a 3-dimensional, monster-sized vacuum cleaner. The main attachment will measure over 22ft long and will emerge from the billboard, reinforcing Miele’s key strapline of "Monster Suction".
Planned and booked with JCDecaux by The Media Shop and Kinetic, this monster special takes full advantage of the Colossus’s creative opportunities, which includes special builds. The Colossus is the biggest backlight location in Europe, measuring 200ft wide and 15ft tall, making it the perfect stage for this 3D campaign.