A new art installation, which uses a dazzling display of lights to reflect the health of the River Thames, is being unveiled on its banks today.

Called ‘Thames Pulse’, the massive interactive work of art will be featured on the front of the iconic Sea Containers building on the South Bank.

The innovative hi-tech installation uses data from samples taken daily from the waters to create a display every day to reflect the river’s health – whether good, average or poor compared to the previous day’s data reading. The aim is to raise public awareness about the condition of the Thames – as well as adding a beautiful new attraction to the capital.

In addition to this, JCDecaux SmartCONTENT is also being ustilised to deploy readings on the LDN network, constantly updating people with the latest information on the iconic river.

Debbie Leach, Chief Executive of Thames21, said: “There are many misunderstandings and conflicting messages about the health of the River Thames. Our Thames River Watch project gives ordinary Londoners the opportunity to investigate these issues for themselves.

“We are unlocking the mystery of how clean the Thames is and the challenges it faces on a daily basis. We’d love more Londoners to join us.”

The light installation has been made by acclaimed artist Jason Bruges, who has previously created astonishing light displays at the top of the Shard, and has been launched by London media agency MEC UK together with waterways charity Thames21.