Land Rover encouraged consumers to adopt a ‘get out there’ spirit this winter in a nationwide digital Out-of-Home campaign with JCDecaux, designed to drive awareness of their online ‘Hibernot’ hub.
Land Rover deployed multiple creatives on JCDecaux’s premium rail and roadside portfolio from Monday 10th February. With messages including: “This grey and pleasant land” and “No one ever wrote about the great indoors”, Land Rover inspired commuters to embrace this winter’s outdoor activities, while showcasing the best winter images uploaded to the Hibernot hub.
The hub details a range of dynamic winter drives and over 80 Land Rover supported activities to consumers. Visitors to the hub are also encouraged to add their own favourite events and trails, and tweet their experiences using the hashtag: #hibernot.
The campaign ran on JCDecaux’s premium rail and roadside portfolio, and included the key digital locations: The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway and The Stratford Sail. The campaign was planned and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic.

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