JCDecaux UK is continuing its expansion of the LDN Drive portfolio.

Did you know that the digital 48-sheets that make up the LDN Drive network deliver +84% more audience per screen versus rest of industry average and screens are up to +7% larger?

JCDecaux UK is so thrilled to announce the launch of two additional market-leading screens to its impressive LDN Drive portfolio. With one new site in Croydon on Purley Way and one in Brentford on Great West Road, the locations of the screens are second to none and are in the heart of 29 London boroughs.

National Drive will see continued expansion this year, following on from the network's recent introduction into Derby and Norwich, with some amazing new locations coming soon in Birmingham and Leeds.

LDN Drive presence:

These expansions reaffirm JCDecaux UK’s commitment to delivering brand reach and fame on a national scale. The combined LDN and National Drive network is present in 13 major cities across the UK including – Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Norwich, Sheffield and Southampton.

The LDN Drive network now consists of 104 state-of-the-art screens, delivering an impressive 51 million weekly viewed impressions1. Recent LDN Drive installs include Mitcham Drive and East Hill in Wandsworth and Western Avenue in Ealing.

1Route 50 weekly viewed impressions @100% SOT 


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