The 80-inch screens provide a 23% increase in visual area. With a footfall of 2.2 million every week, JCDecaux can now deliver a combined total of 40 million digital viewed impressions over a week at London Waterloo.

The 80-inch digital screens positioned at each platform end target every passenger departing the station and alone deliver 10 million weekly viewed impressions. This channel gives advertisers the ability to reach commuters travelling from London Waterloo to affluent areas of London and the South West such as Richmond, Barnes, Weybridge and Windsor. 

The digital development to London Waterloo marks another step in JCDecaux’s goal to reach #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.

As the UK’s busiest rail station, London Waterloo is the ideal location for brands to reach an affluent audience, and our strategically placed screens are designed to reach every passenger boarding a train. This means we can deliver 40 million weekly digital impressions at London Waterloo, representing a significant portion of the audience travelling into and out of London each day. Spencer Berwin, Co-Chief Executive Officer at JCDecaux
JCDecaux continues to deliver best-in-class quality screens that improve the look and feel of rail stations. This latest launch will not only boost London Waterloo’s digital media offering, but enhance the passenger experience for the millions of passengers that travel through every week. Hamish Kiernan, Commercial Director at Network Rail