The JCDecaux Community Channel is proud to support Why me? and its new national billboard campaign that is raising awareness about Restorative Justice.

Why me? has launched a national billboard campaign in partnership with JCDecaux Community Channel to raise awareness about Restorative Justice.

Restorative Justice gives everyone affected by crime and conflict a chance to ask questions about the incident, explain the impact it had on them, and have a say in how the harm can be repaired. This restorative dialogue can transform lives by helping people affected by crime to recover, and helping people who commit crime to stop. 

Designed in collaboration with the Raised Eyebrow Society, the billboards explain Restorative Justice in a way that is simple and easy-to-understand.

Why me?'s new billboard campaign on LDN Drive.

Anyone affected by crime or conflict is entitled to Restorative Justice but victims do not always receive adequate information about the services available to them.  People affected by specific types of crime, such as hate crime and domestic and sexual violence, face additional barriers to access, as do members of marginalised communities. 

This billboard campaign uses the mass reach of Out-of-Home to connect with people who are currently left out of the Restorative Justice conversation by  promoting public awareness and encouraging uptake of Restorative Justice services. 

Restorative Justice is a powerful tool that can transform the lives of people affected by crime, but most people simply don't know what it is. This campaign is a chance to change that. What a wonderful opportunity to reach new audiences and raise awareness of the life-changing benefits of Restorative Justice. Thank you to JCDecaux Community Channel for making this possible. Sara Dowling CEO at Why me?
We are proud to support this important campaign, using the power of the public screen to raise awareness about the Restorative Justice services available to people whose lives have been affected by crime. The JCDecaux Community Channel was created to open up access to Out-of-Home to both charitable initiatives and communities and I look forward to seeing this campaign up on the streets. Chris Dooley Head of Social Impact at JCDecaux UK

The campaign is running on digital screens across the UK until the end of April.

Find out more about Why me? 

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